Oct 26th & 27th

2 Days of Lighting Your Soul on Fire!

10 am - 7 pm PDT

9 am - 6 pm PDT

240 Seat Limit

Register today to save your spot! Limited spots available.

Nanaimo, BC

At the Vancouver Island Conference Centre
Ever feel like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day?
The grind of work, the lack of enthusiasm for your daily must-dos, and the habit of always giving to others while you ignore your own needs.
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Join inspirational coach, 42-year Network Marketing veteran and author of The Four Year Career® and Mach2: How to Master Self-Motivation and Stay on Fire for Life, Richard Bliss Brooke for a breakthrough at his highly acclaimed Live Your Bliss Workshop. Featuring special guest Adam Green.
6 Reasons to Attend
1.) Craft a new Vision (mindset and expectation) for your life that can set you on a powerful path to success. 
2.) Confront your formative years and learn to control your inner child.
3.) Identify the theme of your life and discover your authentic values … those things you consider essential to feeling alive.
4.) Breakthrough your perceived limitations, fears and negative self-talk.
5.) Discover, own and champion your true gifts … they hold incredible power and make you remarkable.
6.) Tap into an endless flow of self-motivation as you move effortlessly toward your goals. And … love the process! 
You Can Change More in 2 Days Than You Have Your Whole Life …
Live Your Bliss is a fun, introspective and true awakening 2-day workshop that brings to life all the principles of Richard’s bestselling personal development book: Mach2 With Your Hair on Fire: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation.
Saturday, October 26th from 10 am - 7 pm
Sunday, October 27th. from 9 am - 6 pm

Vancouver Island Conference Centre
101 Gordon St
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5J8
What Kelowna Attendees Have To Say ...
Calgary, Alberta
This is an absolute must!

"To put this in context, I had just gone to an incredible event with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis, and didn't even get 10% of the knowledge or self awareness as I did at this event. Even if you aren't doing the business, this is an absolute must. Even if you think you're perfect like me, amazingly even we have things to work through (lol)!"

Kelowna, BC
I'm forever changed.

"It’s day 5 since the event and I wanted to say “Wow!” We’ve had a class or event every night since and I can’t believe how much “listening" has changed my life. In my team, home, marriage and friends. When I changed my mindset with all the layers peeled off everything changed this week. People I knew would be amazing at this business have jumped on board, my focus is clearer. I can’t thank you enough Richard Bliss Brooke for the many breakthroughs that happened. 🙌❤️🙌❤️🙌 I’m forever changed."
Ochre River, MB
The changes have been incredible ...

“I've never felt the Leadership energy bus come to town like this and my team is feeling it from all angles! My calendar is getting filled up with business zoom calls and meetings, inspiring action in previous dead zones, planning events 4 months out, contacting people daily and generally feeling on my A game and "firing on all cylinders". I needed this event more than I knew so my gratitude is off the charts!!!!!!”
Canoe , BC
Nothing else like it!

“This event has completely changed my life. I have shown up differently in my marriage, to my children, my friends, in my business and most importantly to myself. Thank you thank you thank you. You have a real gift. I have done a lot of personal development but nothing has ever truly gotten to the bottom of it, named it and brought it out to the light like your course did. I knew what I needed to work on but have never had the tools until now. Thank you again for allowing me to name it and take its power away... feels kind of ridiculous that I ever let that little girl drive my bus for SO long.

I can’t wait until you come back so I can bring even more of my team! Every single person who came from my tribe had such huge breakthroughs and we are all grateful!”
Calgary, Canada
Incredible to watch.

"My eyes were opened like never before. Richard can see what people need and where they need to look in an instant. The way he leads the people that interact with him is amazing. I look forward to the next time I can see him"
Shannon Lewis, Tomball TX
Kelowna, BC
A transformative experience!

"I'll remember Richard's workshop as a pivotal moment in my Network Marketing career. He shattered our excuses and helped us understand that we can continue to struggle, we can quit or we can bring our best self to the table and succeed. It was a transformative experience that cut across age, gender, and company. You can read the books, you can listen to the podcasts, you can watch the videos but nothing compares to the real thing. We had to do the work and examine ourselves deeply. I've had many breakthroughs and I left there moved and committed to do whatever it takes to succeed in my business and to be a better person. Every single one of my team members wished the people in their lives had attended. Be warned, this workshop is no petulent child's play! Thank you kindly Richard! 

Norm Grube - Kelowna, BC
Rocky Mountain House,  AB
I'm so glad I went!

"This weekend was amazing! Amazing is an understatement actually ... So many break throughs! Even if you think for a second it's not for you, GO! You won't regret it!"
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About Richard ...
Richard Brooke
Richard Bliss Brooke
Network Marketer, Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker
Richard grew up on a cattle ranch in Chowchilla, California. His parents were affluent and educated, but Richard was a negative thinker. He hated high school, felt unworthy of love after his parents' divorce, and barely graduated with a D average. So it was no surprise when his “ambition” led him to Foster Farms, the largest poultry plant in the world.
Richard began living life at the speed of 38 BPM (Birds Per Minute). His job was to cut chickens into parts as they flew past him on the production line. Ambitious and hard working, Richard dreamed of climbing the ranks and happily retiring after 40 years. With four years under his belt, Richard thought he was really cutting it – life, not chickens. It was 1977. Richard was 22 years old.
Then something happened that forever changed the course of Richard’s life. Foster Farms changed their policy to where only employees with a four-year college degree could advance. This led Richard to say yes to a new opportunity: Network Marketing.
Initially he struggled to figure IT out … how to find the right people, what to say and how to overcome the setbacks. Eventually through a rigorous investment of time and money in his own personal development he discovered that it was his own thoughts, beliefs and stories about himself that was holding him back. He changed them … changed them quickly and his business changed with them.

Three years later, at age 28, Richard had 30,000 active partners building with him.

In March 1992, at age 37, SUCCESS magazine featured Richard and his company on its cover. This was the first time a mainstream business magazine featured Network Marketing in a positive light. This issue outsold every issue in SUCCESS magazine's almost 100-year history.
Richard is the author of the bestselling Network Marketing book “The Four Year Career®.” Hundreds of thousands of distributors have used this book to build belief, grow their businesses, and turn skeptics into Network Marketing believers.

Richard is also the author of the personal development book “Mach2: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation.” The principles in this book are what launched Richard to breakout success … and what landed him on that history-making cover of SUCCESS magazine.

Network Marketing Success Magazine Article
In his 40-year career in Network Marketing, Richard has become one of the most sought-after trainers and coaches of our time. He regularly hosts a 1-day Live Your Bliss Workshop where he brings the principles of “Mach2” to life. He also hosts 4-day transformational retreats where he coaches small groups into a different state of being. Richard speaks to audiences in the thousands, including at Eric Worre's Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event and Sonia Stringer's Believe Conference.

Richard is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, and the man who brought you the incredible viral video series Super MLM Man.
The Happily Ever After ...
One of the best gifts Richard has received from the profession is the gift of love. A speaking engagement led him to connect and fall madly in love with his wife, soul mate and partner for life, Kimmy.

Together, they own two global businesses and run them from their personal paradises in Lanai, Hawaii, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.

Through the work of Bliss Business, their Network Marketing tools, training, and retreat organization, they have made it their mission to share their knowledge on growing ethically with leaders from ALL organizations … because they know that we are all better together!
Connect With Richard :
855.480.3585 /  1875 N Lakewood Dr, CDA, ID 83814